“Responce we have received has been overwhelming.”

"We placed our initial order for our Custom Sox for 248 pairs. After less than 2 weeks of putting the layouts on our Facebook page and website we are getting an unreal response. We are placing a re-order that will almost equal our entire first order! We have been selling them to teams all over our community. We are able to use them as a fundraiser for the Booster Club and also give people a really nice sock. The response we have received has been overwhelming!"


“A great, fun, and useful fundraiser!”

"We are a small school and were nervous about ordering too many socks so we placed an initial order of 75 socks. We sold them all in 3 days! I can't believe the response we got for them. A great, fun, and useful fundraiser!"

“Again- next year and years after.”

We plan on doing this every year, so we will definitely be purchasing some from you again next year and years after. Seriously, thank you for all the hard work on this with us - the kids and parents LOVE them!!!

“Everything delivered yesterday and looks great! The players love the new design!”

“Regretting not buying them before.”

"Well, we sold out of our 200 pair of Spartan socks and have folks wanting more or regretting not buying them before I ran out."

 “Lots of great compliments about the socks from players and parents!”

Loved by Customers Nationwide

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